Common military power module brands in the domestic market

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Military power supplies are now very common in the market and are gradually becoming popular. The main applicable groups are communications, transportation, aviation and navigation, processing industries, etc. In recent years, the Chinese government has vigorously developed the power industry, of which military power supplies are mainly adaptable. Stronger, better concealment, and so on. Common in the domestic marketMilitary power moduleWhat are the brands?

VPT power products: dc-dc converters for space


VPT, an innovative leader specializing in supplying power converter products for military, aviation, space and other high-reliability markets, provides advanced DC-DC converters, EMI filters and customer engineering services in aviation, military and space, etc. The application field is in a leading position. Through cooperation with Delta Electronics, the world's largest commercial power supply manufacturer, VPT has designed a patented power supply solution in a short period of time with good quality certification and reasonable prices.


VPT provides power solutions for space applications with fast freight and reasonable prices. Companies in the space and telecommunications industry, including NASA, ITT, Space Systems Loral, US Naval Research Labs, Orbital Orbital Sciences, Hughes Space and Communications, Lockheed Martin, and other companies rely on VPT power solutions to accomplish most of their critical tasks.


Many VPT standard thick film hybrid converters can be directly used in space applications with VPT standard HB level screening (HB level screening option applies strict equipment screening to the test methods listed in MIL-PRF-38534 H level) , Or because VPT has many years of expertise in customizable space design, it will provide you with high-quality services based on the principle of customizable power products for specific needs.

American MDI power supply.


Since its establishment in 1973, MDI has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of military-grade and aerospace-grade dc/dc module power supplies. MDI products are selected and manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant specifications of Mil-std-883 to ensure the reliability of the products. From 1991 to 2007, among more than 220 engineering projects participated in, nearly half were aerospace projects. The Radiation Hardened 100K+® technology successfully developed in 2004 is applied to the 5000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 series to meet the harsh environmental requirements of aerospace applications. Facing the Radiation Hardened 100K+ technology in the field of civil aerospace, it is not restricted by ITAR, and the export approval procedure is simple and convenient.

COSEL power supply (more high-power modules)


It is a professional power supply manufacturer, which mainly produces ac-dc switching power supply and dc-dc module power supply. It also puts quality first. From design, development to production, COSEL has strict control and management of quality. In every process of production , All products are tested to ensure that each product has passed the test and left the factory. As one of the largest power suppliers in the Japanese market, its business continues to expand, and its presence in the fiercely competitive Japanese and European and American markets means that COSEL products have reached the international advanced technological level. Its dc-dc power supplies have adopted fully automated production, with low cost and fast delivery, and they also provide a five-year warranty period, which shows that COSEL is full of confidence in its products.

GAIA company

Founded in 1987, it was originally the power research and development department of Thomson in France. Originally, the products developed were only for the needs of Thomson, but more and more products were developed later. Therefore, GAIA was established to specialize in the development and production of power products. GAIA company is recognized by the European military standard DESC. Its products are listed in the PPL product list of DESC. It is recommended to be applied to military products. The production line has obtained ISO9001 certification. It adopts fully automated micro-sealed installation and provides more than 3,000 different specifications of small Power industrial and military power supply modules have been widely adopted by international aviation, railway and military customers.

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